This page offers information about role playing virtual conventions. There are currently four known conventions; the SciWorld Online Role Playing Convention which occurs in the spring, FallFest (formally Simming Fall Festival) which occurs in the fall, Project Khitomer which occurs in Febuary and most recently the Babel Conference which occurs every January. They are made up of programming that allows members of the simming and role playing world to connect, gain knowledge, get help and meet some of the influential people who helped to make role playing what it is today regardless of their affiliation. These conventions have a rich history going back to 1999 and are together in their 22nd year of operation originally started by the Simming League then OngoingWorlds and now SimmingHub with SciWorld and later FallFest. Project Khitomer was developed under a collaborative effort between Bravo Fleet, Obsidian Fleet and Pegasus Fleet. The Babel Conference came into fruition by a joint effort from RPG Writing, SWA, Theta Fleet and Zodiac Fleet. For information on selection of hosting organizations for SciWorld and FallFest please check this website in March and September annually.

Babel Conference

This event occurred for the first time on January 16th 2021. It was created by a joint effort of RPG Writing, SWA, Theta Fleet and Zodiac Fleet and it occurs on Discord. More information about the event can be found on its website.

Project Khitomer

This event occurs annually in February. It is hosted and sponsored jointly by 22nd Fleet, Obsidian Fleet and Pegasus Fleet. The next event is scheduled to occur in February of 2022. The last event occured on Discord on Feb 20th 2021. Additional information can be found at its website.

SciWorld XIX

This event was held on Saturday, June 12th at 11:30 AM Eastern. Independence Fleet hosted this event. It was sponsored jointly by OngoingWorlds and the SimmingHub. You can still join the Discord for SciWorld. For current information on the event, transcripts and information on next year’s SciWorld please see its website.

For information about past events we encourage you to view Role Play Wiki’s page on the topic.

FallFest X

This event was held on 11/14/20. For more information please see its Website or Discord. This event is ran this year by Ongoing Worlds for the final time before it transitions to operation by SimmingHub’s organizing committee. It is hosted by Pegasus Fleet and Independence Fleet. Transcripts will be provided on the convention website.

This year’s FallFest will be planned in August or September. Please check back for more infomration.

For information on past events we encourage you to view the Role Play Wiki’s page on this event.