SimmingHub and its parent charity The New Universes Project now accept donations through AmazonSmile. More information is below in a message from our Operations Administrator. If you have questions please contact the TNU Project’s Administrative Office.

TNU’s charitable foundation now exists on AmazonSmile. This means that you can buy things on Amazon and have part of your purchase donated to the charity. All you have to do is sign up at and select our organization then shop through as you normally would. Amazon will handle the donations and backend.

You may ask why this is being posted here; domains and server overhead cost money. The conventions that are ran are entirely volunteer based and TNU covers the cost of domains, hosting and various administrative costs that come up through the development of events; by helping you assist us in covering the costs associated with running these operations so that they can continue on into the future well beyond what any specific volunteer or staff member alone could do on their own.

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